Anonymous said: Ok so the last story you posted was my mine and I'm just following up on it and after I gave him the bj we say there and he said now I'm going to fuck you cause you're so slutty and I know you want it so I said ok and he went and got some Vaseline and we lubed up my man pussy then he bent me over and he arched my back and made it were I was face down ass up and omg I felt like such a slut. I was super tight so it took a while but after he got it in he fucked me so good. We fucked for a year.

A year? How did you fuck for a year?

Grindr is my Addiction

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always on that app. I get more messages as I send out, but I guess I’m okay with that. 

How about you guys?  Do you guys try to reply to every message that you get?

Anonymous said: The summer going into 9th grade me and my bestfriend hung out all the time and he had a gf so one night we were laying in my bed and he said that he wanted me to jack him off and I thought he was kidding at first but then he pulled down his pants and I slowly slid my hand over and jacked him off. next weekend I was over at his place and this time he also wanted a bj so I said give me 20 bucks and I will he said he would so I sucked him off and swallowed. He never paid me but idc cause I loved it

Wow. Hot story.

bobbiebigboy said: now I'm trying to write a tale and I know a straight whore house burns a red light outside to tell johns this is a whore house, So what would color or who would a gay house house advertise secretly that they are a gay whore house.

I have no idea. I’m not the wisest in gay culture, but I heard Google is a helpful person.
I would probably imagine that the whore house would be white? Rainbows usually come out of a clear glass, but you can’t have a clear flag, cause then no one would see it. Probably white, cause you know, the navy dresses in white. ;D


Hi all! I’ve decided to allow submission on to this blog, mainly due to the lack of stories that I have left to tell. I still have some, but I want this to be a place for people to describe their feelings or just a place for them to open up as well. Hopefully, it will allow people to open up their feelings as well.

I have decided to allow people to submit stories, but they will be moderated. If things start to go back, I will remove the ability to submit, and this blog will be mod only.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the ask box! Thanks :]

525,600 moments

I never truly realized how much someone means to me. I say I’m a whore, but that’s probably only because I love having sex. People realize that they crave sex, they want to harbor it. They want to be someone’s bitch or someone’s dominant. I realize that I couldn’t be a home wrecker anymore, which is why I gave up this blog for all the time that’s worth.

It started in my Sophomore year of college. I was living a carefree life, when I started on my first true relationship with someone who was a bit older than me. We decided on an open relationship because we thought since we both had needs for sex, it would be fine that we had other people fill our sex needs and have use try to complete our needs in a romantic relationship.

The first few months were great. They were what you called a honeymoon phase. When you try to call on your trusty sidekick, he responds and makes you feel like you are on top of the world. It really seemed like it was going to last forever. Then, it happened.

He found someone else to satisfy his sexual needs. I mean, we totally agreed on this in the beginning, so I’m not even mad, but we started to have less sex, and I started to find myself doing other things because of it. Soon after, “other things” started to become a part of my daily life, my rituals that I had to suddenly pursue.

Soon, our relationship turned sour, and I started to pursue other people that I could play around with. One of them happens to be a old high school friend. Haven’t really thinking about it much and not even telling him, I just went on the HS guy. After it, I felt so awful inside. I just didn’t want to do it to myself without telling him. Yet, I felt so alive! I felt like I was having a blast, on top of the world, whatever you call it. I wanted to throw myself a party, and he wasn’t invited. So, our relationship just went down hill, and he had to tell me that he wanted to break up with me, which I, to this day, am not too disappointed about. Just full of the regrets that I didn’t end it sooner so he could be with the man he loved. So there you have it. My story of why this blog was inactive for the past year and a half. Hopefully it won’t be, and maybe I’ll finally get to do what I want.

bellodanie said: Do you have any pics of you?

Not at the moment. I would like to keep my anon-ish to myself. You can continue to read my blog though.

Anonymous said: Should I buy a beige couch?

I don’t know. I personally like black couches cause you can’t see anything when you try to have sex.

bobbiebigboy said: why is it that everyone I think is hot all think that I'm too old, I'm only 52 and then they say I'm fat, when I only weight is 165, but the real ticker is all these guys who say they are versitale but are all bottoms.?

To be honest, I have no idea. The human mind is a complex thing. Why am I always searching for sex? Why do I always want someone to fuck? It makes no sense to me and why I can’t release those tensions.

I’m sorry that everyone thinks you are too old, maybe I might even be too old for this thing, but hopefully it’ll end up well for us. Maybe. Just maybe.

ablackboysblog said: Randomly wondering if this blog is still active?

It wasn’t, but since I need a medium for blogging again, I’m probably going to revive it.
:) hope to see you within the follower list. Haha

I’m a horrible judge of things.

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad yet. There are just too many factors and I felt like I broke all of them. It’s because I’m a Libra. If I was something else, I don’t think it would have mattered.

So I really like you, but I don’t know if you like me back or if I was a one night stand. I really hope it’s the first one. I really don’t want to lose you.
However, if I have to lose you, I understand. I just can’t think about it anymore. I don’t know what to say.

Please stay.

So how do I tell people that I like them?

It’s hard. Knowing people that you like, and not having access to them at all. People live all over the place, and even the people that go to your college, it’s hard to get them to like you. 

I feel like I’m doing something wrong. What should I do? Should I tell the people that I like that I like them, and be able to choose from them or should I just tell them one by one that I like them, and just face each rejection like a man?

I really need a texting buddy that will help me solve these problems, but no one wants to listen to my feelings and actually take time to help them with it.

Why is it, that every single time that I want to talk to someone, they just only want sex? Even the older people with experience, they just want to have sex. I really feel like I’m alone in this world, and nothing and no one can really help.

Sometimes, I just feel depressed because people don’t really understand my dilemma. 

So Uni just got out.

What do I do on the first day right after I get out?

I have sex. It’s so easy to just pick up horny guys, and have them come over. I mean, who doesn’t want to have sex. It makes you feel amazing, it makes them feel amazing, and it just simply makes your day.

I just wish I had someone to share it with, instead of actually having sex with a different person every single time.

Maybe it’s just different for gay men. I’m simply just exploring all my options.

At least the sex felt good. Something to pass the time for me.  

Now I just have to wash my sheets. Like with everyone single person that I do it with. -___-” 

Sometimes I wonder if I’m even good enough.

So there’s this really cute guy, and he’s my perfect type. The only thing that I did with him, was tutor him in Math.

Okay, so maybe I got a little carried, away. He was so perfect. So… UNF.

I totally wet myself when I first saw him. He has the cutest chuckle, and the most amazing smile. I really wished that I could have been with him. I think the only thing that pushed me off the cliff was reality coming back to me, saying, “He’s probably straight.” Even if he had the coolest tribal tattoo, with a music sign in it. He wore a nice green V-neck. He was a little bit slow, but he was so nice. 

I still wish he was mine.

The greatest thing about him? 

He was an Engineer. :] Mechanical Engineer to be exact. I just wished that I had a chance to actually take him out and get to know him. My heart still pounds to that day, knowing that I had a chance, but I still didn’t take it. Why must I be so stupid?

Anonymous said: Last night I had a four way with three huge guys. Two of them double penetrated me and another one fucked my face. When they'd all cum once they all jerked off in my face while I had my mouth wide open for three more hot loads. That was my ultimate fantasy. What's yours?

Well, my ultimate fantasy is getting with the right guy, and starting off with a nice lunch. We would head over to our hotel room, where we would start kissing and go into a full blown make out session. After a while, I would start nibbling on his ear, and then go on to his nipple. From there, I would go over to his belly button, and tongue him. A blow job with full on slurps and licks would follow with, and then it would end at his ass. After I finish eating his ass, I would start pounding him. 

7 different ways, all done in the same sex session. I would make love with him until he comes 5 times. After a while, he would go down on me, and start pounding my ass. It would be a fun bout to see this go into play, but mostly, I end up kissing him on the forehead, and we head to sleep. He holds me tightly in his arms, all sticky and sweet. 

We would sleep until day break, and he would start kissing me again. 

The cycle starts all over again.

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